About Solomon Seed Group


First, we all started where you are started. We hustled. We reached insomnia at one point. We understand the requirement it needs to create, grow, and sustain a business. There are many other investment type groups, however only so few really understand what it means when sweat, tears, and emotional cries does to an individual or a team.

Why us?

We reply, if you only here to make money, then we not the correct outfit for you.
However, if you are here to be more than that, something more for human kind and mother nature. We are interested in talking with you.

Who we look to help:

We are looking for businesses that want to create jobs for the community, provide humanitarian services, serve the underserved community, providing a medical break-through, and/or huge leap in protecting the environment.


We work with various funding sources that provide investments, grants, initial funds, awards, and crowd funding sources to get your ideas and innovation to bring a source of light and joy to the world.

Get in touch with us

We love get in touch with you and to see what’s exciting project that
you are willing to share with us. Be disruptive, we’ll fuel you right up.